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Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” —Diane von Furstenberg

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Welcome to our ‘Hot Findings via Editor’s Choice‘ page. Look at what we found for the love of Retail Therapy and of course bargains! We have teamed up in association with many top brands, for the pleasure of your easy search journey and time saving shopping experience! All the products displayed here have been extensively researched and investigated based on the core values of manufacturer reputation, product quality and of course cost efficiency! Happy shopping everyone, the world is big enough for all of us!

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“Home is where the hearth and heart is this coming joyous season”

November 22, 2022

Family Loungewear Pajamas

There is something about Christmas that brings out the cosy fuzzy feeling of togetherness😍 might be just me but hey, ⬅these gorgeous loungewear would make you go all purrrrr and snuggly! They did not leave out our furry friends either🤩🐕‍🦺 All these products displayed are uncommissioned, we do not get any payment, they are here because we love them! Here are the links to get you there faster😁

For the Lady of the House £26

For the Man of the House £28

For the Kids Unisex £18

For our furry friends! £18

You can get the booties too for everyone, enjoy my lovelies🎄🎇

The couple that match together stick together🤩🤩 Could’nt help writing that, it keeps popping in my head when I look at these trendy stylish comfy onesies for him and her! And the best part is….drum roll🥁 it’s Rihanna‘s design!! woohoo🎊👯‍♂️ another woohoo it’s reasonably priced😲💑💕

Forever Savage Hoodie Onesie Unisex £28

Available in different colors and sizes too! Yesss👏✨

Better rush folks it will be gone soon, mark my words!

I for one, have decked up my home this year at record speed! It is never too early for Christmas! It’s more of a mission to make myself and my family happy and excited. Even though I have a sinking feeling of despair watching the world going about in war, pain, suppression, greed, loss, struggles etc etc, and the earth’s trying its best to keep steady and hold us together, but we just have to keep walking with our heads held high. “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going“.

Our home, our haven, our comforter, the place we lay our heads, our pride and joy! There are so many options out there to deck our home for the auspicious season, and with the looming cost of living crisis, we must budget and keep warm. Sad to say that instead of moving ahead in evolution, there is something out there that is pulling us back. I will leave it to you to decide who is pulling us back, afterall we all have our opinions, but who has the facts? Anyway, back to Christmas.

Set of two Poinsettia Swags for Indoor Decor £6.50
LED Pinecone Wreath £15
Pre Lit Garland £13.50
Personalised Light Up Stocking £4.50
BARGAIN! Personalised Santa Sack and Stocking Set £4.50

👈 10 Floating LED Candles £7.50 Let the magic and fun begin with these floating candles (10 lot of them in a pack too!) Facinating Christmas, I’d bet the kids would love them!…..ahhhhh I’m happy now🥰

Christmas Gonk Table Runner £6 👈Let us gather around the table, glasses clinking and heads spinning with whatever we have been pouring down our throats😂 put our troubles aside and enjoy the well made Christmas dinner and surround yourself with your love ones.

Gift for Her💛💙

The dilemma of what gifts to buy for her…🤔 Why not surprise her with gorgeous Rihanna‘s SavageXFenty Collection? Yes you heard right, click on the images and you’ll see I am not joking!!

SavageXFenty Xssential Cinched Hooded Jumpsuit £40

What better way to gift her than a ‘super comfy jumpsuit’, whether she’s lounging around or out shopping, give her the Rihanna Style😎

SavageXFenty Xssential Baby Pocket Tee £12

SavageXFenty Xssential Relaxed Bottom £26

She might be feeling a little bit blue, pamper her with these comfy Tee and bottoms in a mood lifting mustard, bold and beautiful! Or help her strut out and beat the cold outside with the superlicious SavagexFenty Hoodie🤩

SavageXFenty Xssential Hoodie with Logo £30

Gift for Him💜💙

Equally difficult to fathom😁 fun and cheeky goes a long way!! Gift something that will bring a smile to his face, literally😅💚

Personalised Docking Station £23.43

So macho, there I said it! Let him unload and unwind knowing he’s got his stuff nearby😁

Multipurpose Laptop Mouse Phone Holder £19.99

How sleek is this?! Wouldn’t mind one for yours truly too🤩 Convenient, practical, space for mouse and phone.

Fragrance Direct Ultimate Gift Box £11.70

Bargain indeed! Convenient size for travel and activities. He will surely love this😎

Naughty Gift £3.99

Being cheeky goes a long way🤣 A couple that laughs together stays together😛

Personalised Washbag £18.99

A gift that is personal, his name in highlights! Gorgeous little washbag is a sure hit!

Happy Stan Multi-screwdriver £3.99

For sure this will be a big hit😂 You will be fondly thought of during DIY🤩

Old Spice Footballer Set for Men £3.37

Hot and sweaty, not to worry, you got this covered😎 A sure branded bargain!

October 31, 2022

For the love of ‘painting the town red outfit‘ literally!

Q: Fancy going out this weekend?

A: Sure, why not (mind starts whirling!🤔)

Have a night out they said, it’ll be fun, they said! But the most common dilemma and scenario is – What to wear? or ‘I have nothing to wear’😟 I would say putting an outfit together is an art, and deep down we need to look at what we are comfortable in, and what accentuates us and makes us feel nice and —-😁 Dress to impress yourself and yourself alone.

Just getting an outfit idea and nothing else!

Just in case you need a few tips, scroll down for a few of our favourite things.

Classy, Elegant..Let us try shall we?😍

Just so you know, most of the items displayed here are uncommissioned, they are here because we love them! Basing these findings on the above lovely outfit ideas!

👆The tapered trousers with buckle belt are screaming comfort and style!

👆I know it’s gone a bit chilly, but these yummy tops are worth the few goosebumps!🤩

👆The similarities of the 3 block heels is iconic! Pub crawl is no joke! Comfortable shoes are amust, and these ladies, comes in smacking style too! Sexy is an understatement😎

👆 My obsession with bags made me put more than I should😆 The Shoeoholic UK is a bit over the budget but the colors are wow😍 checking my bank balance to see if I can afford the Parfois😜

October 25, 2022

Zendaya‘s style is not only classy and elegant, but it caters to all women irrespective of age. I am, personally a big fan, and mind you, looking at her, I feel so so old, I’m practically her mum’s age😩 but I would wear this outfit in a jiffy and feel like a million buck! Online research is my go-to therapy for everything that is wrong with what I see in the mirror, and of course distract my weary mind from all the blundering mess the world is right now. So let this dishevelled lady (yours truly😉) dream on….Check below what I found to create this gorgeous look plus finding the real deal of the exact leather coat!🤩🤩

Please feel free to leave a comment or if you need an outfit search drop us a line with an image of the outfit at We will try our best to be the keyboard warrior/stylist on your behalf!

Roman Multi Abstract Maxi Wrap Dress
ROMAN Multi Abstract Print Maxi Wrap Dress £70
Boohoo Floral Mesh Maxi Dress
BOOHOO Floral Mesh Maxi Dress £55
ZARA Leather Sash Belt £49.99
Office Burgundy Knee High Boots
OFFICE Burgundy Wide Fit Kitty Croc Knee Boots £84.99
Luxetokill Burgundy Vegan Matte Leather Boots
LUXETOKILL Boots Burgundy Vegan Matte Leather £25
ETSY Burgundy Trench Coat Jacket Pure Soft Leather Handmade £170.10
EBAY Burgundy Leather Trench Coat £122.59
SHEIN Mini Metal and Chain Décor Square Bag £11.25
SHEIN Croc Embossed Baguette Bag £3.75

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